Information on FIV

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is not a terminal disease. Many FIV+ cats lead lives that are just as long and happy as cats that test negative for the virus, but the stigma surrounding FIV causes countless unneeded euthanizations each year. It is also very important to distinguish FIV from FeLV (Feline Leukemia). Nashville Cat Rescue accepts FIV+ cats into our program when we have foster space available. Unfortunately, the belief that FIV+ cats are terminal or deficient in some way can cause it to take years to place a FIV+ cat into his forever home. Due to this extended foster period for FIV+ cats, NCR has to limit the number of FIV+ cats we can admit at any given time.

Please read below for more facts about FIV. We hope you will consider providing a FIV+ cat with a forever home when adopting from our rescue.

  • FIV is species specific and cannot be transmitted to humans or dogs.
  • FIV is transmited through deep bite wounds and breeding.
  • FIV is sometimes referred to as Feline AIDS.
  • Sterlized FIV positive cats are unlikely to spread the virus in a multi-cat home
  • FIV+ cats can live with non FIV+ cats.
  • For more information on FIV, see this information from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine:

FIV+ cats should be kept indoors, fed high quality food and taken to the vet twice a year for check-ups and neccessary vaccinations, just like any other cat. Please contact us if you would like more information about adding one of NCR's FIV+ cats to your home.