Lost and Found

If you have LOST a cat the most important places to check for a lost animal are Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC), Nashville Humane Association, and any ER vets in your area. We recommend going to MACC and looking for your cat in person due to the inundation of new animals they receive daily. You can also file missing reports with MACC.

Other ways to locate lost pets:

  • Check and post on the "Lost and Found" and "Pets" sections of Craigslist; be sure to include as many details and pictures of your pet as you can.
  • Make color fliers and distribute throughout close neighborhood, including with any shelters, rescues, or ER vets nearby.
  • Post on Nashville's Lost and Found Pets Facebook pages, including Skippy Lou.
  • Ask your neighbors to check garages, attics, or any storage areas where a cat could get locked inside.
  • Place food on the front steps or porch with a T-shirt or sweatshirt that smells like you.
  • Most strictly indoor cats will not be very far from their home. They usually get frightened and look for the closest place to hide, so be sure to do a thorough sweep of your property and the properties around you.

We highly recommend having your pets microchipped even if they are strictly indoors. Be sure to register the chip and update all information if you move or change your phone number. The procedure is inexpensive, and could save your pet's life. We also recommend embroidered collars or tags that say "Indoor Cat" and include a current phone number, with a separate name tag if desired. Many people see cats outside and assume they're strays or outdoor cats, but they could be somebody's lost pet.

If you have FOUND a cat please contact Metro Animal Care and Control and file a report. Ask them to check it against missing reports. Check with rescues, shelters, and vet offices to see if anyone has contacted them about a lost animal.

  • Please contact close neighbors and post fliers in your neighborhood before assuming that the cat is a stray.
  • Take the cat to any vet that can scan for a microchip; this should be free. Ask the vet for an age estimate and if the cat is fixed.
  • If the cat is injured please bring it to the vet immediately and get medical treatment.
  • If you start feeding a "stray" cat in the neighborhood, TN law determines that the cat is now yours. Please get any and all strays in your neighborhood fixed.