Volunteer or Foster

Did You Know

Nashville Cat Rescue has no paid staff. Our rescue is run by a group of hard-working volunteers and foster parents. There’s nothing we’d rather do with our spare time than save lives!

Interested in joining our team? More information on volunteer opportunities is below.

Foster Homes

The more foster homes we have, the more kitties we can save. NCR covers the costs of food, litter, and vet care for all cats in NCR foster care. Fosters simply provide a temporary home, transportation to/from vet visits and adoption centers, as well as socialization and TLC. Interested in saving lives?

Cage Breakers

While all of our cats have foster parents, sometimes our foster homes get full and need help. A cage breaker is a temporary foster who gives a cat a break from the adoption center. Once the kitty has had several weeks in a cage breaker’s home, the cage breaker will coordinate with the foster to return the kitty to an adoption center.

Adoption Center Volunteers

For our PetSmart locations (100 Oaks, Hermitage, Cool Springs). We call them cage cleaners, but these volunteers act as surrogate fosters for cats and kittens at our adoption centers. Every day, we have a volunteer visit each location to clean cages, love on the kitties, monitor their health, and provide adoption counseling.

Kitty Chauffeurs & Other Needs

Kitty chauffeurs transport the cats to and from our vet partners.

Other needs include laundering cat beds for the adoption centers, assembling adoption packets, help with events, and adopter follow ups.

Please email us if you would like to volunteer.