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NCR receives many calls to pick up feral cats in the Middle TN area. Unfortunately, unless a cat or kitten has been socialized, NCR cannot place them in a home. Feral cats that are taken to shelters are almost always euthanized immediately, and there are no feral sanctuaries currently in Middle TN. Some people relocate feral cats to wooded or farmland areas with the belief that they will become barn cats or mousers. In reality, a feral cat settles into a neighborhood once it has found a food source and safe shelter, and relocating it can be extremely dangerous to continued survival.

The best option for dealing with feral cats is TNR. During TNR a cat is trapped and brought to the vet, spayed or neutered, and returned to the area where they were found. Cats can be caught in live traps, such as ones used for possums or raccoons, and transported to a low cost spay/neuter clinic for sterlization. We recommend asking the clinic to “tip” the cat’s ears to signify they are fixed ferals. For more tips on trapping visit, and see below for more information on feral cats.

Please visit our page on low cost spay/neuter options and remember that cats can get pregnant as soon as 4 months of age, and again as soon as they give birth. Cats can have 6 or more kittens per litter, and can breed throughout the year.

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